My son…the car salesman

23 Sep

My husband calls our three year old the “car salesman” because he can talk anybody into anything (or try his hardest at least).  Prime example: bedtime tonight (or shall I say EVERY night?)

We go through the entire bedtime routine…milk, stories, songs, tucking him in, etc; and in about 2 seconds flat you can hear the door open and out he comes.  His standard line is, “I just can’t fall asleep”.  Never mind the fact that he’s only been in there long enough for his hair to touch the pillow.  Here is how our typical night happens:

Door opens and he creeps into the living room.  “I can’t sleep” Me: “Well, it is late so you need to try.  Good night”

5 seconds later: “I need my fish light on”  Me:  “Ok, go lay down and I’ll turn it on.  Don’t get up again.  Good night”

10 seconds later:  “I think I need some music to help me sleep”  Me:  “Ok, I’ll turn some music on for you.  Stay in this bed and go to sleep.  Good night”

5 seconds later:  “I need to potty” Me:  “Then go potty.  Now, go lay down, do not get up again, and go to sleep!  Good night!”

10 seconds later:  “I just can’t fall asleep”  Me:  “That’s because you keep getting up!  Go get in the bed!  Good night!”

10 minutes pass…Have we won the war?  Nope just the battle…here he comes again… “Mama, I need a book…”


… and how about some floor mats for that new car???


Awesome $7 find!

21 Sep


Found this Eddie Bauer travel bed on a yard sale site  for $7.00!!!  What a steal!  They sell in the store for about $40 so this was a great deal!  And it was brand new!






It folds up so you can take it with you everywhere you go.  I can see us taking this on camping trips for the new little girl!  It is padded on the bottom and even has a sheet that comes with it.




This is what it looks like all folded up.  This is much more compact than the pack n play we usually take with us.  It has a carrying strap and two pockets for other stuff.  I like to keep the sheet in one of the pockets and the toy bar can fold up and fit in the other one.






I bought it because it was such a great deal, but I would totally

have paid full price now that I see how cool it is!!

Could it take any longer?

18 Sep

I am a brand new mommy to TWO children now.  My oldest is 3 and my new little girl is 3 weeks.  I’ve always been one to sleep as late as possible and then run out of the door to get to work or anywhere else I need to be.  Once my son was born that changed…however, not too terribly bad because all I had to do was put him in the carseat and go!  Well, then he got older and began to get his own ideas about things.  He has to get one more train before we leave, or he has to potty, or he just doesn’t want to go.  This adds more time onto my departure routine.

Now that baby sister has come along things take even longer!  What used to take me 5 minutes now takes at least 20.  It is like a 3 ring circus around here.  Trying to calm her down to get her into the car seat while trying to coax older brother into his clothes and shoes takes a good 10 minutes.  Then I have to get him to turn the TV off while not going into meltdown about missing “his shows”.  Once I get them out of the door it is a process to get him into the car because he found his lawnmower in the garage and now he has to play.  If I can get him into the car he has to crawl around and look for lost toys before he gets into his seat, and now he is into doing everything by himself…so it is a good 5 minutes to talk him through buckling the belts!  Around the time he gets in and gets settled, baby sister has decided she doesn’t like her car seat anymore and begins to cry!

I’m now 10 minutes late and haven’t even left the house yet!  I’m sure things will get easier (right???) and I’ll get a routine going but you know what?  I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.  I love my babies and I am very blessed to have them.  So I’m an hour late to everything…who cares?  🙂

My first post

18 Sep

Well, this is my first post.. Well, not exactly.  This post is by my wonderful husband!  He has/will convince me that I have a lot to say and I just need to put it somewhere because I am an outstanding thinker.

This might take me a while to get the hang of because I don’t know “what” to blog about, but I’m sure I will figure it out.  AND if I have any technical issues, I’m sure that I will get my wonderful husband to help me.

My favorite ‘bug” if there is such a thing”


My favorite “Bug”

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